100 People in the Triangle You Should Connect With Today

There’s a problem that we all deal with. We want to connect with all the smartest people in our area, but sometimes the smartest and most capable people aren’t very visible to us.

Wicked SmahtA couple weeks ago I met 3 people that I didn’t even know existed and yet they were all amazing. How is that possible?

I decided to ask some of the smartest and best connected people I know who they feel is flying below the radar. We all know people who are amazing, but not well known.

Below is the list – in no particular order, it’s just the order in which people got back to me. I’ve made the list as easy as possible for you to connect with them.

Do you know someone who missing from the list? Let me know in the comments.
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What I Learned Organizing The Most Successful SEO Meetup in the United States

"Safe is Risky" cartoon | Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist In the winter of 2008 I was on the verge of getting fired from my job as a web developer at McClatchy Digital. The entire newspaper industry had fallen through a hole in the floor and people were being laid off left and right.

Even though I was a low-level web developer, I could see the writing on the wall even if the brain-trust out at the corporate offices in Sacramento was still convinced everything would bounce back in a few months.
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That’s Our Policy

We all visit stores sometimes and ask what we think is a simple question yet receive back an unexpected answer. We often follow up with something like, “why is that?”

The worst of all possible answers to hear at this point in the conversation is, “That’s our policy”. That eye-roller barely wins out over the other infuriating phrase known to patrons around the world, “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”
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Cheating vs. Looking for an Advantage vs. Business

While reading Mark Schaefers‘s The business case for cheating your way to social media superstardom this morning I noticed something. When we cheat it’s “gaining an advantage”, when others do we say it’s “cheating” or “a scam” and sometimes even “scum”.

MLB 10 The ShowYesterday I read a great post by Owen Good entitled, A-Rod May Not Be in MLB’s Next Video Game, but Virtual PEDs Will. Good draws a brilliant parallel that had never occurred to me before. If you’re playing a video game (like MLB 10) and you pay real money to buy additional skills for your virtual player are you digitally juicing?
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Are You Still on Facebook?

I try to check Facebook at least once a day, usually on my phone and usually just before heading to bed. I “like” a handful of things and call it a day.

I am on Google in some way, shape or form the entire day. GMail, Google search, Google Maps, Google Plus, Google Local Business, Google Reviews, Google Shopping and even answering questions in Google’s Webmaster Forum.

It got me thinking about how Facebook can possibly think it is possible to hold off Google+ as the default social platform in the coming years.

I’ll admit that I am not a power-user on either platform, which probably is like 99.9% of the users. So I decided to ask on each platform if people are active on the other platform. On Google+ I asked if people were using Facebook and on Facebook I asked if people were using Google+.
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