You Installed WordPress, Now What?

If you’re the type of person who feels like you’ve been working hard on your WordPress powered blog, but not getting the results you desire, this is for you.

I wrote up a checklist for a client yesterday and thought it was worth sharing with anyone struggling with a WordPress blog that is underperforming.
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How do I get on the first page of Google?

1969 Honda N360In 1970 Honda unleashed the N600 sedan on the American consumer. The car featured front wheel drive and an air-cooled, four stroke, 31 horsepowered two-cylinder engine, which was borrowed from the Honda CB450 motorcycle.

Honda didn’t think the N600 would replace the Chevy Impala, but they had to start somewhere. It’s the same on the web.

Every SEO gets asked the dreaded “how long until I’m number one on Google” a lot. At that point our job becomes one of teacher. Ranking first on Google means that your web page is better than any of the other 40 trillion pages on the web. That’s a pretty high bar right out of the gate.

So you spend a year making your site more responsive, adding better content, optimizing for conversions and building out your community. You still have very little traffic. You start to think you’re doing something wrong. You start asking around and looking at your competitors. Amazon makes it look so easy.

As you start to slog your way through year two you see some progress. You are starting to attract some links, a few people start to leave comments on your blog posts. Now you can feel your expectations start to rise. You feel like something good is right around the corner. Okay, maybe the next corner. Damnit, maybe that next one.

This is where half of the population gives up. This is what Seth Godin refers to as “the dip“. Seth’s main point in that book is knowing when it’s a dip that you have to power through, or something you should quit all together and move on.

I love the graphics that Rand Fiskin uses to illustrate this exact point. It’s the Google Analytics traffic line of his wife’s blog.

Everywhereist traffic

Everywhereist traffic

Everywhereist traffic

I’ve heard it said that it always feels like you’re losing, right before you win. If you still love what you’re doing and it feels right, I implore you to stay on the treadmill a little bit longer. Real success doesn’t come overnight.

I still remember the impact of Chris Brogan’s blog post about overnight success from way back in 2009 and how it made me more determined than ever.

Casey Movers’ continues to feel the wrath of the Streisand Effect

This is the latest update that my friend Jason saw today concerning my Casey Movers saga.

Casey Mover now rated an F by Better Business Bureau

Casey Mover now rated an F by Better Business Bureau

I can’t say I’m surprised that Casey Movers is now rated an F by the Better Business Bureau. Their track record of posting fake reviews and threatening past customers with lawsuits for posting negative reviews really tells you all you need to know.

If you take the time to review the Casey Movers reviews at the BBB site you may notice some interesting things.

First the positive reviews come in in clumps. 3 reviews in 5 days in August of 2012 and again 2 in 2 days in May. That along doesn’t mean that the reviews are fake or that the reviews were paid for, but it is a bit suspicious. If you dig a little deeper you can see is the people who were happy enough to leave a review on a third-party site we also excited enough to fill out the piece of paper that the movers ask people to fill out after a move.

Quincy O, does not show up in their scanned in reviews on their own site, neither does Paul T or Dan W. Again, this doesn’t mean Casey Movers are dishonest or that they are astroturfing BBB reviews. I’m just pointing out some discrepancies. The May reviews from Carrie R. and Steve L. also fail this test.

It’s been months since this whole kerfuffle and I still haven’t heard a word from them about any of it.

I would have left them some information about it on their Facebook page, but it is no longer available.