Al Getler and Online Reputation Management

Lead or be ledI had an interesting opportunity today, Al Getler asked me to participate in his latest venture – Lead or be led.

We talked about what SEO is, what it isn’t and where it’s going. One question that he asked is a common one from people who have made a living making decisions, “what about when there are crappy results when you Google your name”.

Al was a publisher for a long time, so there was no way he was going to make it through an election cycle without pissing someone off.  He’s not alone. If you’re not Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg chances are you don’t have 10,000 high profile articles written about you.

My advice in general was, start worrying about your online reputation now – before something hits the fan.

  • Publish regularly using your Google+ author profile to enhance the chances that your writing will rank.
  • Make sure your social profiles are up to date (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube, etc.)
  • Keep you home base (personal website) active.
  • Publish more often and reach out to others to let you publish on their platform.
  • Leave a trail.

It’s important to leave a trail behind when you are building your brand online. One of the reasons I love to do things like a quick interview with Al Getler is that I get to have some input on one more page on the web that is referencing me.

The segment I filmed today won’t be online until around July. I’m excited to see how it comes out. We touched on SEO, ORM, and giving back.

Thanks to Gallo Productions for the introduction and all the technical know how to make it happen.


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