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I organize a fairly popular group about Search Engine Optimization in Raleigh. In the last few years I’ve received hundreds of emails letting me know that someone new has joined. In about 95% of the cases people join the group with little or no additional information added to their profile.

Donna S. profile page
Donna S. is a typical example of a new member

The screenshot above is a very normal new member profile. I’ve written in the past about the advantages of a fully filled out profile in the bigger picture, but I also want to stress the very basic SEO advantages.

First stop is to include your entire name. The truth is, people want to connect with people at this Meetup. Giving people at least your name is a way to make yourself more approachable. When it comes to doing personal branding in a smart way, you can always check in with Karl Sakas. Karl’s profile takes advantage of the three biggest opportunities.

Karl Sakas Raleigh SEO Meetup profile
Karl Sakas Raleigh SEO Meetup profile

Karl takes advantage of adding his Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts so that people can find him easily on his preferred social networks. He also took the time to write-up a paragraph so that you know a bit about him and what he does for a living. Finally is the best part of your profile – a fairly powerful backlink where you get to choose the url and the anchor text! Karl was smart enough to use descriptive anchor text to link back to his popular marketing blog.

Since getting high quality backlinks are still the fastest way to improve your placement in the SERPs It’s amazing at how often our members miss this super easy backlink opportunity.

For anyone looking for a job or looking to connect with customers take full advantage of the branding opportunity that this profile affords you. If you are a member of the Raleigh SEO Meetup – go update your profile!