The Weird LinkedIn Request Prejudice

LinkedIn default connection prompt
LinkedIn default connection prompt

I hear a very common refrain from LinkedIn users. “I refuse to connect with people who send me the default LinkedIn connection request!”

I never understood that. I’ve listened to their logic, “If they can’t bother to spend two minutes customizing it, then I can’t be bothered to connect.”

First off, I call BS that. If the hiring manager for your dream job sent it, you would gladly accept. If a long targeted customer sent it, ditto.

Second, sometimes LinkedIn just sends the request without giving you the option. Two examples are the iPhone app and when you choose people in your email contact list.

Honestly I cringe every time I hear someone say that. I usually have to fight off my snap judgment of the person saying it as an overly judgmental stick in the mud who should judge each request based on the opportunity, not the message.

LinkedIn is such a powerful tool, why are you limiting yourself in any way?

I dare you to give me a compelling reason for ignoring any request that comes through with the default message?

By the way, are we connected on LinkedIn yet?