Cary Face Painting Experiment

Face Painting in Cary, NC
Time for Face Painting

My friend Dina runs a face painting business out of her home in Cary. Surprisingly there is more competition than expected in that niche. She told me this afternoon that she was talking with a young woman who gave her the following SEO advice:

Switch your site over to WordPress because Google likes WordPress and build some links.

The young woman also added, “Just tell me what your budget is and I’ll tell you what we can do for you.”

When she told me that it made me think of a conversation I had this afternoon with a business owner who allowed an SEO to “build some links” for him until he received the dreaded “unnatural links” notice from Google. His organic search traffic fell by 90%.

Do not build spammy crap links. What Dina’s face painting business needs is a handful of excellent, high authority links that show Google that Time for Face Painting is the most trusted and authoritative face painting site in the Cary area.

As of tonight, in an incognito search with personalization turned off, Time for Face Painting Kids is ranking number 2 for [face painting cary,nc]. Being the number 2 result means you’ve arrived. That’s not when you start to take chances, that’s when you work on your brand. In Dina’s case I recommended making sure her local business listings were complete.

face painting cary, nc SERP
SERP for face painting cary nc

Since I honestly don’t do many searches for face painting (I know it’s shocking), I did a bit of research about how people get to the face painters. I found out that [face painting] is two words, it is rarely searched for as [facepainting]. I also found out that nobody searches for [face painters]. After digging in a little deeper the only phrase with any real traffic is without the city attached, meaning people are just typing in [face painting] and letting Google figure it out from there.

The Google Keyword tool shows only 110 monthly searches for [face painting raleigh nc] and none for [face painting cary nc], but some of the other words have a bit more traffic and might be worth going after. Seeing the phrase [face painting for parties] as well as [party face painting] are both words I will suggest Dina work into her site.

face painting keywords
Google's Keywords Tool

What are some of the factors you use to determine who wins for your local searches? Let me know in the comments.