How You Can Be As Memorable As Morgan Siem

A few weeks ago, Lisa Barone wrote a piece on the importance of being memorable. It really stuck in my head for a couple of reasons, but as is usually the case, the main reason was that it was immediately reinforced by real life events.

Let me back up a little. At the end of July, I lead a discussion at the monthly SEO meetup in Raleigh on Social Media. It brought in new bunch of people since social media is the hotness. One of those was a young woman, who had just graduated from UNC and who was working as an unpaid intern for Raleigh Metro Magazine.

She came to the meetup, eager, excited to learn and wanting to contribute. After the official part ended, she stayed and chatted with everyone and generally made you feel like you wanted her as a friend. Another memorable thing was her elevator pitch. When you hit her with the deadly “what do you do?” question, she answered it directly and confidently in about 30 seconds.

Over the next few days she reached out to many of us using LinkedIn and Twitter. Her profile picture was (and still is) her smiling face that makes you want to smile. Her genuine “likeability” is just off the charts.

About a week later, she sends me a tweet saying that she just accepted a job at MediaTwo as a Social Media Strategist! Wait a second… MediaTwo Interactive was where we had the Meetup. Apparently I wasn’t the only person who thought she was memorable. I sent off a quick email to the owner of MediaTwo, and he confirmed that he also saw what I did. He went on to say how happy he was to have her on board.

Morgan Siem
Morgan Siem

Since then, I’ve gotten to know Morgan better, and consider her a friend. I thought about all this on my way back from a lunch hour presentation where I saw her today. She told me she was excited to go chat up Wayne Sutton at the end of the event. I’ll be seeing Wayne tomorrow night at the Triangle Social Media Club Meetup, so I’ll ask him about it. She was talking to him as I headed back to my office.

If you’re in Raleigh, and you have an interest in social media, you should go out of your way to introduce yourself. I have no doubt that she’ll be the next rock star to rise from the Raleigh area.

Thanks for letting me part of your “Internet family” Morgan Siem.

Who was the last person you ran across who was truly memorable?