Australian Feral Goats

Australian feral goats are now linked to me via the power of Klout (thanks Dan).

Australian Feral Goat (Animal)
Australian Feral Goat (Animal) influencer

So what does it get me? Can I now fly down to Australia and get a job in the feral goat niche? Probably not. Can I somehow turn my new found influence into something interesting? Perhaps.

The best part of being an SEO is getting to try out new ideas and see what works. Today I start on my quest to see if for once, I can outrank the mighty Wikipedia for a term like “Australian Feral Goats”. My idea is that I will attempt to rank this very entry for that phrase.

How you can help

If you have a website where you can add content, try writing about what a silly experiment this is, but somewhere in there link to this page using the anchor text “Australian Feral Goats”.

I know this will work, the question is how fast. Let’s be honest, you can rank a page for just about anything, so picking a rare and under optimized phrase like “Australian Feral Goats” should be fairly easy.

Social media people – you can help too by tweeting or Facebooking this page all in the name of science!

Want to learn more about Australian Feral Goats, or capra hircus as they are known to the fancy speakers?

So did I, so I started reading about them. Apparently they are a nuisance and the Australian government wishes they would disappear.

By the way, if you could leave a comment, that would also be great!

Thanks for your help in my 8th grade SEO science project :-)